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A Chode Warrior is a person you know who mooches everything you have that they want. Chode Warriors take advantage of any kindness they see. Chode warriors will constantly bum your smokes, eat your food, drink your tasty beverages, and sleep on your couch.
Ex. 1
Person A: Hey man, can I bum a smoke?
Person B: Dude, I've bummed you smokes all week. Stop being such a Chode Warrior

Ex. 2
Person A: Brandon is staying with me for a few days.
Person B: You shouldn't let him. He's a Chode Warrior
by destructamental July 04, 2009
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1. An individual (usually of small stature) with an over inflated sense of self worth.

2. An individual who will never acknowledge that they are wrong, despite actually knowing nothing about the subject. These individuals are likely to invent facts or anecdotes as supposed proof of their flawlessness.

A Chode Warrior can be differentiated from a standard Chode due to their quick temper, desire to fight anybody who challenges their authority and steadfast refusal to believe anybody else.
1. Nathan: Hey did you hear that Bo went on American Idol? That douchebag thinks he can sing!
Steve: He thinks he is killing it but he is such a Chode Warrior ...

2. Josh: You won't believe the bullshit that Alex just told me!
Andrew: Yeah I know! Don't believe a word of it - he is a total Chode Warrior.
by R_Eldred November 23, 2011
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What a anti-conformist conforming to anti-conformity call a short doosh that is a conformist and drinks a lot of cofee.
Anti-conformist: Hey Chode Warrior
Short Doosh with cofee: What?
by Anti-Anti-Conformist April 29, 2005
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a short kid that either a) drinks coffee and is a conformist, or b) this other short kid who is very arrogant and brags a lot about everything, eventhough he sucks.
Eric: Hey chode warrior
Ravi: o hey
by The Renegade of Funk May 10, 2005
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