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When you are either starting or ending your period and your lady juice looks like melted chocolate.
Oh jeez, I need to wear an extra pad today, I seem to be chocolating!

Oh we can have sex babe, but I'm still chocolating :-(

Dammit! I'm chocolating and just ruined my favorite pair of white panties!
by FapinaDerpina June 28, 2012
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When a man or woman of African American descent is fucking a man or woman of the opposite race.
Oh, man those two are chocolating.
by Ron Weasley July 18, 2004
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Specifically shopping for chocolate.
Hey girls! When you are having a chocolate craving, what do you want? CHOCOLATE! Well, go chocolating! Pack up the kids, wrangle your husband, grab a group of girlfriends, or hit the town alone and find a chocolate shop. Basically, GO CHOCOLATING!!! Sure, you will come home and eat a boat-load of chocolate. Sure, you will regret it later, but that's why chocolating means "shopping for chocolate". How often do you really go shopping? huh, what was that? Oh, only once a week?...Well, if you only do it once a week, it can't be all that bad for you. So, let loose! When you get the urge, take life by the horns and go CHOCOLATING!!!
by CocoTaster2Silvertongue August 14, 2011
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