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When a man is having anal sex with a partner and ejaculates in the anus prior to pulling out.
The Royals gave the Yankees the ol "chocolate creampie" by winning the baseball game 11-5.
by MBTGTC May 12, 2011
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Derived from the word "creampie", it is the act of penetrating and ejaculating in an unsanitary poop-hole.
After I came inside his butthole i noticed my dick was smothered with greasy diarrhea; thanks to Taco Bell, I had experienced my first "chocolate creampie".
by Black History Month October 01, 2014
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A sexual act in which a male partner is having sexual intercourse within his lovers ass hole. The man then ejaculates within the ass hole fully releasing all his sperm and then pulls out. The man then puts two fingers in the recently cummed in ass hole and pulls out a glob of the recently created mixture of cum and poo. He then takes the mixture and directs it towards the woman's face and THWAPS it on her mouth/face. The poo and cum create a mixture that easily render that of chocolate cream, hence the expression, "Chocolate Cream Pie."
Oh man, last night I gave my woman some of my special homemade chocolate cream pie. She then slapped me so I forced to the ground and cock slapped her. We hugged.
by Ben Mac April 23, 2007
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during sex, the man will have a mouthfull of chocolate milk in his mouth but doesnt swallow it. he then blows the chocolate milk up the girls ass. (this is all done after having anal sex and cummung in her ass) the girl will then hold the chocolate milk in her ass for exactly 5 minutes, then shit it into a glass, (it will be a chocoltate milk, shit, cum mixture) then you both partake in drinking it.
john-last night i gave my gf a chocolate cream pie, she had mad cramps after that.

joe-did it at least taste good?

john-not realy, but it sure was hot
by frog-man-thing August 06, 2009
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