When a man is having anal sex with a partner and ejaculates in the anus prior to pulling out.
The Royals gave the Yankees the ol "chocolate creampie" by winning the baseball game 11-5.
by MBTGTC May 13, 2011
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Derived from the word "creampie", it is the act of penetrating and ejaculating in an unsanitary poop-hole.
After I came inside his butthole i noticed my dick was smothered with greasy diarrhea; thanks to Taco Bell, I had experienced my first "chocolate creampie".
by Black History Month October 1, 2014
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4 guys, 2 teams. 2 of them drench their dicks in chocolate syrup. The other has to suck all the chocolate off. Whoever sucks it off first, wins. The loser has to get creampied in the ass from the other three.
Man, I was really sucking at it when we were playing Chocolate Creampie yesterday.
by Jackie boi August 23, 2017
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When your girl shits on your dick and then you fuck her in the pussy and cum inside of her, then she scoops it out and eats it.
Omg, he was such a romantic! The way he gave me those sexy chocolate creampies
by Neo_SunWuKong January 18, 2017
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When a black woman squeezes out cum from her anus.
Did you see Black Gangbangers 5? There is a hot chocolate creampie that gets me hard just thinking about it
by fangbangervampirefan November 25, 2008
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One of the most obscure and legendary of all gay sex acts. First the penetrator ejaculates into the penetratee's rectum. Then the penetratee presses his anus firmly against the penetrator's rectum and farts the semen back into the penetrator. The penetratee they sucks the semen out of the penetrator's rectum and spits it into the penetrator's mouth. Level of difficulty... ten.
He totally gave me they best birthday gift. A Double Chocolate Thunder Creampie Snowball. It was amazing.
by LPreZ December 24, 2009
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