a lovable rouge who loves 2 'niall', his girlfrend is one sexy 'kerry'who doesnt smoke pot. however chiz is a 'hankinson'. a chiz is a ruffian whose caboose is definatly not like a moose, he has a reputation of being a baboonaphile.
oh look at that'chiz', hes such a scallywag but you cant help but love his 'niallish' ways.
by mipsie December 17, 2003
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Chiz meaning a bromance verging to the point of being an actual romance. Formed from the names of the first 2 people (Chadda anf Kiz) associated with this action.
"Those 2 guys are acting chiz"
by Bacardinho April 30, 2019
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Short for "chiseled" as in looking buff and ripped.
Me, flexing in the mirror: "yo, check out the chiz!"
by Randomdead September 13, 2018
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