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Chioma is a Nigerian name that means "Good God" or "God is good" it can be pronounced "CH-E-UMA" or "SH-A-M-A". Chioma is one of the greatest people you will ever meet in your entire life. She is a hot Nigerian girl with long legs and the prettiest brown eyes ever that you'll get lost in. She is shy at first but once she knows you're a good person she will really open up to you. Chioma sees beauty in everybody no matter how ugly they might be. She is very deep and artistic. She has a great fashion sense and she has the cutest laugh in the world and is hilarious too. Chioma is the kind of girl who won't take shit from anyone. She can also be kind of a flirt sometimes.
Guy: Who is that cute girl?
Other guy: Oh that's Chioma and she's amazing!
by ThemEyebrowsDoe September 28, 2014
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A unique brown-skinned classy gal with a great personality, loves to laugh, and has a nice body. A person like her is very rare. Everyone loves and adores her. She loves to stay fit. She is one to be underestimated by many, which is always proven wrong. Once you meet a Chioma, you can't not love her! She brings the energy. When it comes down to it, she fights for her own & won't let anyone talk down on her. Chioma's usually like to be independent but can love the company. They are strong-willed, passionate, caring, and ultimately lovable. Did we forget gorgeous? One down side is that they can talk... A LOT.
That girl is cute & laughs alot, her name HAS to be Chioma!
by Pizza_steala August 14, 2013
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A outgoing track athlete with long legs and runs super fast. Usually has big dreams for the future and always sticks there minds to the right thing. Knows how to make people laugh on there sad days and most of the time has a kind heart.
Wow!! She is super fast she soooooo a chioma
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by RayObi September 10, 2018
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A {SEXY} HOT Nigerian girl who doesn't take shit or bull crap from anyone. She is a fast runner , with a nice body. She doesn't like getting insulted and if she does she goes beast mode. She can probably be a chill person. She is the {hot} babe that every guy wants in their bed. Lastly, did I tell you that she has a nice, round, and {bouncy ass}; She also has some big {bitties}.
by DeseanP$ November 28, 2018
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A beautiful light skinned chick with a great personality and loves to laugh. She is very rare.. like Mr. Clean with Hair and everyone loves and adores her. She is Great.
OMG... that chick is hott! Her name has got to be CHIOMA!
by Shorty_dollaz June 24, 2009
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