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a large bird-like animal that can be found the southeastern United States. It has the body of a wild turkey, and the legs of a cougar. It is a constant threat for young children, especially boy scouts.
I was camping the other night, and i heard some strange noises in the bushes. Do you think it's the chiodo?
by Big Knows Jak May 4, 2009
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A way of Life. When one finds peace with themselves and accpets everything for what it is. thanks to chiodos.
i was listening to bright eyes and i finally felt chiodo.
by ebII October 29, 2007
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they rock , craigery owens is the tightass screeamer
&theyre songs are named after weird things, inside jokes& other cool stuff. their song "baby you wouldn't last.."
is GREAT. awwhhgawd! (:
i saw chiodos in concert, &craig's scream was cleean& louudd!
by thekhornylady March 24, 2008
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A sweet punk/emo band from my hometown of Davison, MI. They almost make up for the fact that Michael Moore is from this town too.
We're going to the Local to see Chiodos.
by brockelbitch February 14, 2006
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a word sprouting from the most horific of horifing 80's horror movies. Either that or your drunk and you want cheetos
pass me some chiodos!!!!

by Bob Dole Terd ferguson IV September 27, 2005
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A band that 12 year old boys who haven't discovered rock and roll enjoy. Also a band that girls love, therefore making it pretty lame.

see also: my little sister loving them and thinking "Black Flag is for faggots"
the singer of chiodos gets nickel deep in underage dimes
by TTdrumzTX January 30, 2008
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an Emo/Post-hardcore band with vocals that sound like a dying squirrel. The band also possesses a shitty guitar sound. They also like to try and imitate the styles of Children of Bodom, which is metal blasphemy.
Emo: "I love Chiodos...they rock harder than CoB. These girl pants are constricting my balls."
by Donnie Bennett May 14, 2007
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