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A densely populated residential area of Bridgewater, NJ, between Vanderveer and Walter's Brook, thus named for the high population of Chinese and Indian people living there. The houses are nice and recently built, but choked one on top of another.
Person A: Where do you live, anyway?

Person B: Chindia

Person A: Dammit, why does everybody?
by mousiecake January 18, 2012
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A densely populous facet of Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, known for having an exorbitant number of citizens of Indian and Chinese decent: about 40% Indian, 35% Chinese, 10% Caucasian, 7% Japanese, 4% Middle Eastern, 3% Hispanic, 1% African. The parents are known to be strict, and almost everyone has an IQ of 145 or higher. The kids are privileged and known to be extremely mainstream. The houses are some of the nicest in West Bridgewater, all very similar, and very modern and stately, although the yards are so small that pedestrians cut through them. Many adolescent Chindians hang out at Wegmans and Olive Garden.
"I need a GPS, all these streets look the same! Where are we?"

"We're in Chindia. Duh!"
by PahudTheSwaggot May 06, 2014
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Contraction of the proper nouns China and India. Handy, shorthand way to reference both countries at once. These two countries are often mentioned in the same sentence because they both have emerging economies, and many jobs are outsourced to them. Also the adjective "Chindian."
Information technology (IT) outsourcing to Chindia grew at an annual rate of 17% last month.

Chindian call centers now handle 60% of all customer assistance calls worldwide.
by Doug March 28, 2005
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