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Number given by Fry in Futurama, after he was dealing for an anchovy can against Mom.
Fry: A Chillion Dollars... OOOOHHHHH!... Sr, that number does not exist.
by juanibagattin February 20, 2012
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A chillion. Y'know, it's like a million, but more laid back. Probably a number like... 943023 or something laid back like that.
Guy number 1 - I wanna do like... a chillion things.
Guy number 2 - How many's that?
Guy number 1 - I dunno man, does it matter?
Guy number 2 - Nah.
by Deuteragonist November 24, 2011
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Chantel x Dillion

Two thicc nerds fell in love at corinth high school and now they have a ship name
Ps Chantel likes to deny she loves Dillion but she’s always talks abt him
This can be also used to for any ships you know that are meant to be
Chillion is totally my otp!
Did you see chillion today, they were totally flirting!
by MR. Miku June 11, 2018
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