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A perfect trifecta of chilling, relaxing and marinating.

Main Entry: chill•ax•in•ate
Pronunciation: chill axe i nāt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): chillax·i·nat·ed; chillax·i·nat·ing
Etymology: probably from Italian chillaxinato, past participle of chillinare to chillaxinate, from chillino
Date: circa 1645
transitive verb
: to chill, relax and marinate at the same time
: to become chillaxinated
— chillax·i·na·tion \ˌchillax-ə-ˈnā-shən, ˌma-rə-\ noun
All I did on my vacation was chillaxinate on the beach with the some trees and brew after anally prolapsing your mom.
by pooinatree June 08, 2014
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