"Chicken Wire" is a 100% universal word, however it was originally fully intended to be used as a substitute for any word that describes "Awesome" or to be used as a substitute for any word that you would use as an expression that describes "Feeling Awesome" since its inception it has morphed into sometimes being used as a substitute for "any word" and sometimes being said Very Loud! For no reason at all. Legend has it that Chicken Wire was invented in the Midwest by a guy named Tim from the Hood in St. Charles Missouri. It is Awesome to use especially when you can't think of the word that you would like to use, just simply replace the word that you can't think of at the time with Chicken Wire and watch your friends and or other people around you try and figure out what the heck you’re talking about. Very Important never tell anyone what it means! Let them figure it out on their own! This is part of the Mystery and Fun that comes along with using Chicken Wire as you use the word your friends will start to use the word also even though they have no idea what it means or why you use the term Chicken Wire I know this doesn't sound like it would work but it does I don't know why to works... It just does! So now you know and hardly anyone else in the whole world has a clue so enjoy it and use it when appropriate but remember that you are sworn to secrecy! So go out there and Chicken Wire as much as you can!
That was Chicken Wire! Chicken Wire?
Man she was Chicken Wire Hand me the Chicken Wire
by Mr Vanquish April 14, 2009
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A whole load of holes tied together with wire
FUck, some bastard cut open me chicken wire
by Dr.Iknowallyourdiseases January 7, 2019
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When you have a friend just watching a conversation
"Why doesn't Ray ever talk in our group?" "Man cause he just being a chicken on a wire, bruh."
by Karmaswrath April 10, 2017
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