The juicy substance between your upper thighs (usually around the butthole). a combination of butthole sweat and leftover poop.

When you dont wipe good enough after your last shit, and then sweat from between your thighs.
Danny: Hey man whats that smell?

Phil: oh dont worry man thats just my chicken grease. i didnt wipe very well after my last shit! sorry bro.

Danny: you get that taken care of buddy
by freaknasty1 June 19, 2010
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Another form of "Love, peace and chicken grease."

It is a slang term used to say goodbye, like "Peace out".
-Talk to you later.
-Peace and chicken grease.
by Havijoori July 6, 2013
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a random phrase from our ginger jesus - Ed Sheeran .
If you liked it, keep it climbing! If you didn't, I hope you have a wonderful day. Peace and chicken grease x
by edith sheeran August 24, 2012
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Love peace and chicken grease: A way of saying goodbye with fondness...and the hope that the other person's day goes smoothly and with flavor, like chicken grease.
See you later. Love peace and chicken grease, bruh.
by Sue Dawn Neem June 19, 2021
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