A tri-colored automobile, due to the wearing off of paint, that will progress through a series of equally painful "crap modes" throughout it's far too short life. In these modes, the car will be unable to accelerate, turn on, or perform other necessary tasks. However, despite the world of trouble and pain, the Cavalier instills a sense of fierce loyalty and pride.
(Person A): What is that awful clanking sound?
(Person B): Yeah, that's just B squared D trying to coast into a parking spot, since his car won't accelerate and cuts out everytime he slows below 20 miles per hour.
(Person A): Wow, why does he keep that piece of junk?
(Person B): Are you serious? Man, he has a fierce sense of loyalty toward that beast...until he sold it for $30 to a random guy...
by goat September 13, 2004
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Easily the worst car in automobile history. Can be found being drivin by pedofile 20 year old men that wear backwards caps and wife beaters.
In attempts to making their car look japanese, these drivers will attach poorly installed underbody lights and unattractive altezza style taillights.
"That guy driving that Chevy Cavalier should sell his car, buy a gun with the money, and shoot himself."
by Pompey-San November 28, 2003
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A Cheaply manufactured foreign car that has a General Motors badge on it. Build quality is nothing short of terrible. None of the parts fit right. Vital components tend to break before non vital ones (Ignition breaks before the stereo does), With it's tiny, emission-control choked I-4 it sounds as cheap as it is.
Has a terribly short life expectancy.
Me: Wow. We have a 98 Cavalier in the shop already, eh? What Happened?
Dan: What didn't? The timing belt snapped like glass dipped in dry-ice, the ignition won't turn, the starter is history, and it's stuck in 3rd gear.
Me: I see... How many miles does it have on it.
Dan: About 63K.

See also Mechanic's Friend
by Talen the Twitchy January 04, 2005
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