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Located in Philadelphia's garden district, Chestnut Hill College is a coed, private, Catholic institution founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1924. With about 825 undergraduate students, the College boasts a 12:1 faculty-student ratio with class sizes ranging from four students to about 25.

The College's self-proclaimed "geographic identity crisis" is a huge draw for students: it's across the street from Fairmount Park (the largest park system in any U.S. city), and within walking distance from a SEPTA train station to center city Philadelphia.

Among its 30 majors and 29 minors are several five-year combined Master's programs, including Education, International Business, Language, & Culture, and Psychology.

As incoming class sizes have grown, so has the campus itself. SugarLoaf Hill, an estate and conference center formerly owned by Temple University, was acquired by the College in 2006. Its former hotel now houses 60 students in a dormitory, and post-renovation plans include classrooms, dining services, and more.

Student leadership and serving the community are part of the Chestnut Hill College experience. A few examples: its Student Government Association organized the first-ever SEPCHE Student Government conference. The College was named to the 2008 Presidential Honor Roll for community service. Its activities team, CHAT, made the College the first in Philadelphia to play human Quidditch (and later placed third at the College Quidditch World Cup at Middlebury College). A 2009 graduate had her first book published by age 22. Its chapter of Phi Beta Lambda consistently wins in national competitions.

To quote the College's first President, Maria Kostka Logue, “Chestnut Hill will prepare you to learn how to earn a living because you must. But you are here to learn how to live."
After my freshman year at Chestnut Hill College, I decided to declare Marketing as my major.
by maxwellsaywhat June 24, 2009
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A largely underestimated small College smack dab in the middle of the gray area between Plymouth-Meeting and Philadelphia. It is an establishment without a home, with students without identities.

Because of this unique characteristic, students and faculty alike are enabled to truly be themselves, and not generic, pop-societal influenced robots. However, many first-year students often find the school to be completely boring, because it isn't their definition of the "typical party school".

Chestnut Hill College (and this is important, all you manufactured, bleached-blonde tools out there) is NOT a party school. It is what you make of it. If one want to throw a party on Thursday and not get busted, have to attend a judicial hearing, face possible fines, etc..., simple caution, a little maturity, and congenial relations with the guards are all one needs.

It is a place where personality and attitude are currency. If you're down to earth, honest, and have something sembling a sense of humor, you can and will (most likely) get by. If you're the average, run-of-the-mill douchebag and/or tool, chances are, you'll be exploited and eventually form a very negative opinion about the school. This is because... well... douchebags and/or tools form negative opinions about anything that doesn't completely mesh with their shallow, almost non-existant personalities.

Chestnut Hill College is a school that preaches a strict rule system for the sake of political correctness / parental comfort. The blindingly obvious truth to anybody attending, however: Chestnut Hill College is a young, constantly growing and evolving infant of an educational institution. As a student of Chestnut Hill, I can honestly say that this is a place where you can leave your mark, and that mark is substantial enough to determine the course of change and evolution at the school.

You can be whoever you want to be here. It's a fresh start for those that need it, and a perfect place to continue being the person you love. You can be someone here.

Thank God for Positivity.
Haters: "I made some of the greatest friends of my life at a small 'garbage, no fun, bullshit, dirty, run down school' known as Chestnut Hill College. I guess it doesn't help that I'm a downer and a loser with no future. And my girlfriends a whore. The end."

Objective human beings that have actually experienced the college: "Chestnut Hill is a place to grow, and find yourself, as cheezy and cliche as that sounds. It's actually true here though, clown."
by City Line October 04, 2008
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A small private college outside of Philadelphia with a misleading reputation.

A horrible place to receive a college education because of the calibur of students that get accepted to it.
Chestnut Hill College is the worst school I will ever attend.
by Steven November 29, 2004
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A VERY small high-school type "college" with an extremely low caliber student body (average gpa 2.0) all on almost full scholarship.. NO student life.. Required: an ettiquette seminar for all students, dating lectures, etc. school run by overpaid nuns.. horrible facilities, HUGE cockroaches, low budget teachers, disgusting dorms, horrible sports teams. All students are similar in personality to the high school "band kid".. very depressing place..
Go back to Chestnut Hill? I'd rather stick needles in my eyes!
by Jungle Love March 24, 2005
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a school that is 99% likely to be smaller than your high school where people that aren't cool enough to make it in a big school go to try to make something of their pathetic lives. And dont be fooled by chc students insisting their school is a good time - they're just too sheltered to know the difference. chc also runs rampant with sluts.. but don't get your hopes up boys, they're all pretty busted.
Being cool at Chestnut Hill College is pretty much like being the smartest person with down syndrome.
by bitchess October 18, 2007
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