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I have heard two different variations of the meaning of ᏣᎳᎩ: tsa-la-gi:Cherokee- 1.)people of the cave and mountain 2.)the redskin people. Aside from being one of, if not the largest Native American tribe(s) in the United States. The Cherokee are also known as one of the five civilized tribes. 20,000 Cherokee's were forcefully moved on the trail of tears 4,000 of which didn't make it from the southeast. Now there are three federally recognized bands 1.Cherokee nation-Oklahoma 2. United (ga-du-wa)Keetoowah band of Cherokee-Oklahoma 3. Eastern band of Cherokee-North Carolina. There are 7 clans of the Cherokee tribe:1.)a-ni-gi-lo-hi:The Long Hair Clan 2.)a-ni-sa-ho-ni:The Blue Clan 4.)a-ni-go-te-ge-wi:The Wild Potato Clan 5.)a-ni-a-wi: the Deer Clan 6.)a-ni-tsi-s-qua:the Bird Clan 7.)a-ni-wo-di:the Paint Clan
Our culture is still very much alive. we still powwow, stompdance, play stickball, and sweat lodge. there are 6 Cherokee ceremonial grounds here in ok 1 Cherokee ground in nc. we have endured and overcome a tremendous amount. we are a proud people.
people are still racist toward Cherokee Indians to this day.
by usdi yona March 20, 2013

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Tahlequah is a Cherokee word that means "two is enough". it is the capital city of the Cherokee nation
Tahlequah is a good place to live but Cherokee county detention center sucks.
by usdi yona April 17, 2013

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okla-homma is a mvskoki(Muskogee) Creek word meaning 'land of the red skin'. okla=town, city, land. homma=red. we were forcefully moved/relocated on the trail of tears to ndn territory modern day oklahoma. the government didn't give us a rez. we just got 14 Cherokee counties
Oklahoma is indian territory.
by usdi yona May 28, 2013

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