An electrifying woman who handles anything life throws at her with ease. Precognitive, her instincts guide her through life allowing her to receive God's blessings along the way. Attractive and sexy; men always want to be with her, however she doesn't pay attention to any of them, and stays faithful to her man. No nonsense, she doesn't take mess from anyone or anything! Smart and career minded; will always find success!
That girl is like wonder woman! She's a Chere!!!
by lilmissteazey February 4, 2010
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A beautiful, honest, impressionable and sincere person. Someone who you can always depend on when you need a shoulder to cry on. Loves to help others and expects little in return. Takes life very seriously but never ceases to find humor in any given situation. Confident yet underestimates her talents and abilities. A friend you can always trust, a spouce who is always faithful, a parent who gives 100%, a sister who keeps promises and a daughter who can't express her love enough. Her expectations exceeds the highest bar. Lives by the word of God.
by Samantha Spring February 4, 2010
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1. Most commonly an African American female name.

2. Caucasian girls named, Cheree are usually attracted to Caucasian men who like to dance like Vanilla Ice while karoaking, Ice Ice Baby. Cheree also loves to work with kids, she finds it very rewarding.

3. Cheree is the best friend a girl could ask for.
"Cheree loves to watch her man dance."
by whatupdogg February 6, 2010
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to share links, especially self-promotional ones, in a flamboyant, flashy or navel-baring way to increase your "micro-celebrity" status in your social networks. A nod to the iconic Cher and her midriff.
Man, what an attention ho that girl is. Doesn't she ever stop with the chering?
by inkyviolet July 24, 2011
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The act of showing someone the divine musical creations of Cher for the very first time.
Miranda didn't know who Cher was! I ended up Chering the whole playlist with her so she could understand Cher is a QUEEN.
by Miranda_danda_panda February 18, 2020
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One of the hottest female video game characters on earth. From the game Final Fantasy VI, Celes is a soldier born with magic powers. She was with the empire until she discovered their evil plans. The emperor jailed her and she was taken prisoner and tortured. Eventually, a young thief named Locke Cole rescues her and she joins him in the fight against the Empire and Kefka. These 2 share a love story that is done much better than a certain other love story in the series (it's in the 8th game).

Celes normally can be seen wearing a green suit, but the original amanro art shows her wearing yellow pants instead.
Screw Kefka, it was Celes who made FF6 rock!
by Final Fantasy VI January 27, 2005
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A delightful vibrant person who has the world at her feet despite dealing with some heavy shit. This person navigates life at high speed, willing to explore the roads less traveled. Lady by day with a wicked side reserved for a select few. Getting to know this person will be like traveling down the rabbit hole, you may loose your mind but she may help find your soul.
Taking life head on like a Chere-lee.
by MAN Outlaw November 24, 2020
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