Someone: that kid that always reminded the teacher we had homework died!!!
Me: * chefs kiss *
by Angiepatangie November 4, 2020
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When your fingering a chick and stick a finger in her pussy and a finger in her ass and touch them together through the wall that separates them. Then you pull the fingers out put them together and do a tradional kiss that an Italian chef would do
Me and Bobby was gettin' frisky last night and he pulled the chefs kiss on me. It was awesome.
by Stix Platinum May 17, 2022
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When something is fucking amazing. When said; usually accompanied by your hand to your mouth in the chef kissing motion 👨🏻 🍳💋
Person 1: Hey I paid the bouncer to let us skip the line

Person 2: chef’s kiss baby
by WillowGBaby May 20, 2020
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when something is really relly good
this song is -chef kiss-

my mom made some tacos and they are -chef kiss-
by wbkstrawberrys August 24, 2019
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a term you use when something is jus so dam YUMMY!!!

wether it be food or someone HOT!!
omg you’re soJSJDJSJ *chef kiss*
by marielaloreyna May 29, 2019
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Phrase used to exclaim one’s adoration for a food/meal’s exquisite and superb quality. When a patron has enjoyed their food so much that by doing this gesture 🤌🏽 they are essentially holding themselves out as a true connoisseur of this meal and have tried it in a range of qualities, in the same manner that a highly skilled chef (as well as from the perspective of a bon vivant) would first create the exquisite meal and then relish in its final form full of delicious satisfaction. Probably came from Italian culture so definitely okay to use the little hand pinchy emoji 🤌🏽.
Mama mia, that fettuccini Alfredo was chef’s kiss 🤌🏽
by Champagne Juany October 17, 2021
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coined by the predecessor to bourdain, the chefs kiss is the true appreciation any man can give for his lover while she is cheffin in the kitchen, the chefs kiss consists of giving top quality grade A face to your lover as they cook,
He gave his girlfriend the chef’s kiss to show his appreciation for the beautiful meal she prepared.
by imbeinsherious August 7, 2022
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