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A not unkind moniker for a female you might normally call sugar tits, but she’s too salty for that
Brenda- can you hand me my glass, bitch
Britni- here you go
Brenda- thanks sugar tits
Britni- you got it cheese nips
by Cor Riversprite March 11, 2019
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Those that tan in extreme excess which causes their skin to resemble this salty cheese snack.
Damn! That bitch needs to stop tanning! She looks like a cheese nip.

For the love of god, stop tanning, you look like a cheese nip.

tan tanning cheese nip cheese sun
by Not-A-Tan-Fan May 23, 2010
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A respectful name for addressing people with bright orange tans.
*Upon seeing a friend who just got a spray-on tan* Yo, what up, Cheese nips!?
by Ill Semar October 01, 2011
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1. a type of Cheddar cheese cracker manufactured by Kraft

2. breasts covered with nipple discharge
by PW January 13, 2003
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