A "Cheese Grater" is someone of incredibly low inteligence. The term Cheese Grater comes from the belief that all inteligent people start with a base I.Q. Like cheese (you start with so much), and these imbeciles come along and shred every precious point from you; simmilarly to how one grates a cheese block.
Teacher: Melissa, explain to me the importance of Planck's Constant.

Melissa: What did you say? Are you talking to me? Cause, um like I'm in the middle of texting some important people , duh.

T: Melissa you stupid cheese grater, get out.

M: But I didn't do anything
by LetMyThoughtsBeMine March 23, 2016
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Depending of hetero or homo sexual, having the sex partner suck your dick while gently sliding his or her teeth up and down your cock.
After the prom you and your girlfriend are trying to do work. To get hard your girl not only sucks your dick but slides her teeth up and down your dick putting pressure on the dick making it hard as rock. If your girlfriend does this, she is giving you the Cheese Grater.
by Bill McHugh February 9, 2008
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The act of dragging your sack across a person's face. This is done after shaving the male genitalia, then letting some stubble grow in and not washing for a few days to let some cheese (definitions 9 and 22) build up.
That was SOOOO money! I totally gave her the cheese grater!
by Original DC! April 17, 2010
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Similar to a "beandip", but for skinny or regular sized people.
After many years of taking thousands of beandip's to the manboob from his skinny friend Dylan, Gino finally took revenge against him by scooping Dillon's nipple with his hand and then shouting "Cheese Grater!!!"
by Don Gino October 17, 2009
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Someone whose voice is so irritating and grating and dissonant that hearing is like rubbing a cheese grater up and down your face.
She's such a cheese grater.

Cheese Grater: twelve o'clock.

I hear her voice and think 'Shh shh. Your voice. My ears. Bad combination!' (Thanks Sleep Talkin' Man) Her new nickname is Cheese Grater.
by Lolchica February 23, 2010
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Ripping hot abs reminiscent of a cheese grater.
Adam says "Hey you wanna see something?"
lifts his shirt and then says "check out my cheese grater". Free perve for all :D
by Resident Mong Bean October 4, 2009
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when you givin top but you start shredding it with your braces
yo Lindsay gave me top yesterday and she started shredding me with the cheese grater
by biglol420 November 9, 2019
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