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The place to bring all the mates. Only the best of the mates. The greatest mates. The best food place ever, got a nice bar, need I say more? It’s great.
Wow Jack was such a lej last night he brought up the idea of going to Cheeky Nandos with the lads.
Lej means legend
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Out with the lads on the club strip and suddenly you're now hammered and decide a cheeky nandos will fix you up preparing you to drink again. Your mate Paul turns to you and says, "Remember the last time we went for a cheeky nandos there was a really cheeky encounter there, that bitch was saucy" Bit of bantering through the night while probably eating your cheeky nandos, having a laugh and a toss
too much banter going on tonight, I'm enjoying this cheeky nandos
by Misfitsveryown May 13, 2015
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A cheeky nandos is when you are shopping around the town centre with your fresh new nike air max trainers , stretch skinny jeans rolled up just once and your hype vest on. Joe suggests that you need to step up the banter. You and the lads gather up after listening to your favorite deep house tune and having a quick shuffelling sesh, decide to smash out a cheeky nandos before snap chatting that you are off to the gym.
Oi lads let's go for a quick cheeky nandos
by TheLADS May 14, 2015
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Nando's is a british restaurant chain which is particularly popular amongst groups of boys. These boys will invite all thier mates who they'll refer to as "the lads". They will take a selfie together where they all wear hype tank tops, skin tight jeans and nike hurraches accompanied with a snapback. They will caption this photo via instagram with " cheeky nando's with the lads" and maybe describe the experience as " top banta" . Describing it as cheeky is a popular trend amongst fuckboys and nothing about the experience is actually cheeky.
by emily x May 17, 2015
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a spur of the moment meal with the lads which isnt too healthy but can be classed as good for the gains
Adam, weve just finished leg day - shall we go for a cheeky nandos?
by Speight96 June 3, 2015
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When you and the lads are excessively consuming Stella Artois and some bloke you cant remember because you're drunk has the miraculously great idea of a cheeky Nandos. Since Nandos is commonly described as the best food known to man, everyone else inclusing you agree. A surprisingly short period of time later, everyone who is white, pale or untrained, for some reason finds LEMON AND FOKIN HERB SPICY.
“Let's have some Cheeky Nandos!”
"Cor, thats a great idea!"
by qwertyuiopasdffghjjklzxcvbnm December 6, 2021
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A short outing with the bois to Nando's. Lads usually order chicken at these times. A cheeky Nando's can not be completed without cracking open a cold one.
You up for a cheeky Nando's?

Yeah mate, I'm in the mood for a cold one.
by TheTruestDefinitions November 27, 2018
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