A vagina belonging to a person of latino/hispanic descent. Commonly found to be quite hairy and smell like taco bell.
That mexican hotel maid stole my wallet while cleaning my hotel room, next time she comes to clean i'll hide in the bathroom and when she comes in i'll jump out and punch her in the cheech...
by Chazz Michaels May 9, 2008
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Failure at completing or learning to do something properly. Also, to believe you are doing the right thing when it is clear that you are not.
The hunter, Gorione, cheeched that up bad.
by ZenGuild May 3, 2008
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To follow someone from room to room in a cat-like manner.
"Did you notice how her new boyfriend is always cheeching?"

"I know, it's so sweet."

OR, a derivative of cheeching:

"He is such a cheech"

"I know, he follows her around everywhere."
by miss white October 29, 2012
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When a person born in the U.S.A is arrested and immigration deports or tries to deport them to another country, especially Mexico.

This is common in Texas where first or second generation Mexican Americans are "accidentally" deported to Mexico.

In reference to the Cheech Marin moive Born in East L.A.
Juans brother got cheeched down to Juarez, even though he was born at Dallas Parkland Hospital!

Dont forget your driver license, if you get busted you don't want to get cheeched.
by Mr Derx September 3, 2009
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a cross between cheese and peach
That cheech tastes really good.
by Randomfeeb September 24, 2005
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