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Cowardly married man who cheats with his coworker for years on his wife and family of 16 years and then RUNS away like a little bitch when confronted. Then he moves in with the still married slut with 3 kids from different men.
Everyone at work knew that Bill is a Cheating Husband by the way he played with that slut.
by unicorntiny November 15, 2016
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A man who has been married for 15 years with two children and a stay at home wife who has a Facebook profile which states he is a single dad who is taking care of his two kids. And when his wife askes about it he exclaims that he's been meaning to change it but has forgotten his password. And when he filled it out the keyboard keys got stuck from dried soda not allowing him to change the typos he hadn't noticed were there.
When your husband doesn't come home after work every night for three years till the early morning is when you know you have a cheating-husband.
by Breakfastatiffanies May 12, 2017
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A man who cheats on you and has unprotected sex with a whore (only twice he says) and then the whore gets pregnant, and he tries to blame you for doing it!
my cheating husband got his whore pregnant
by retrotess December 05, 2008
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"hooking up" with girls, even if they're 10 years younger than him and have boyfriends. Yet he says these hook-up girls are "only friends" since he wouldn't want to jeopardize his "happy" marriage of over 12 years! What a Man Slut! Pitty the poor women who's married to him...
OMG, did you know that she walked in on her cheating husband at the party that night...what a man slut.
by Kelly Mango April 13, 2006
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