5 definitions by ZiggyCat

an immortal being who supposedly watches over all of us, just sits back and watches people on earth as if we're his very own soap opera
What will God think about you doing that? He sees everything you know.
by ZiggyCat November 16, 2020
Adrien Agreste but dressed in a black leather cat outfit and saving Paris from Hawkmoth. The best boi: cute, sexy, strong, funny, dependable.

Is in love with his “work” partner who treats him like trash. He’s probably a masochist but we love him.
I love Chat Noir, he deserves better than ladybug!
by ZiggyCat October 6, 2021
A show which is pure memes. The characters are loveable, yet can be quite dumb. The shipping in the show is equally cute and frustrating. Is mostly pure and innocent, but look closer, and you can find some cursed/memey stuff hidden in plain sight. It’s a love-hate kind of relationship with this show: you love to hate it and hate to love it.
Have you watched the latest Miraculous Ladybug Episode? It’s amazing!
by ZiggyCat October 6, 2021
A person who is always there but will never let you know that they are.
by ZiggyCat November 16, 2020
he is always there even if u dont realise
Portgasdalias hasnt spoken to us in a while, do u think he still exists?
by ZiggyCat November 16, 2020