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A girl who may seem outgoing and crazy but is normally shy. They are normally smart and super sexy. Most have a huge ass. Probably the best friend you could get there always caring and honest.
Woah did you see that huge ass?
Yeah that's Chasey.
by Debbie. May 21, 2009
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Chasey is pretty af. She is the best girlfriend you could ever have. If she stands up for you that means she values you and you’re either considered her friends or more. She is a great singer and songwriter and you could gaze into her eyes forever, but she also had many flaws for instance she can have trust issues from past experience. Also can be clingy if she feels unsure if she is going to lose you, but If you can accept all her flaws and love her for who she is she will love you so much you won’t want to leave her. A Chasey can be the nicest, proactive, supportive person you could meet but if you tick her off and leave her like it’s funny she will break your heart like it’s a joke but she will become the coldest, meanest and the baddest bitch you will ever know. Despite her flaws Chasey is a great, strong, funny girl with a great sense of humor. If you are in a Chasey’s life and if she loves you in a friendship way, family way, boyfriend way never mislead her and always love her and you will not regret it.
Guy1: Hey I heard your dating Chasey
Guy 2: Yeah mate she’s amazing I love her so much
by Cheesy burger January 02, 2020
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An annoying 9 year old who won’t stop harassing the members of the dead rats group chat and wants to date her mom and vapes, she also steals edits because she’s untalented.
“If Somebody adds Chasey again I’m gonna flip.”
by noteastside October 19, 2020
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The name of a girl who is adventurous and always stands up for what is right, but is always nice and silly and loves to lang out with her friends.
do you see that cool girl over there? yeah! that’s chasey!
by miss you guys October 31, 2020
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