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An abreviation of the name ''Charlotte''. There are quite a few people named Charlotte, and/or abreviate their name to 'Lottie' or 'Charlie'. Charlo gives the name Charlotte a trendy, unique and unforgetable twist.
It is occaisionaly spelt Charloh.
Overall, a lovely name!

There should certainly be more Charlo's around!
Person1: 'What's your name?'
Charlo': Charlo'!
P1: That's a lovely name! My name is Charlotte...
Charlo': Ugh, boring.
by >that girl< January 24, 2011
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3oz Greygoose
Splash or Tonic
Splash of OJ

Served on the Rocks
She downed three Charlos at the bar and asked me to find another girl for us to take home!
by bigdeez August 04, 2009
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A hot pot of sex and rainbow poop ready to stick in the toaster oven and enjoy with a fine Ellen Page movie.
Toss the Charlo in the Microwave, I'm about to put on Hard Candy.
by Destiwanainyourpants December 21, 2008
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