A certain brand of lip balm which is especially great, and a hero to those who use acutane or have generally dry skin.
Ugh man, my lips are peeling, I need some chapstick.

I carry chapstick with me everywhere.
by kantsuu March 25, 2005
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Sexual term when a man can't quite fit it in right away he takes the tip of his penis and rubs it against a woman's vagina (lips) until moist like a stick of Chapstick.
My girl was so tight I had to give her the Chapstick before entering her.
by Hal Em Dog May 29, 2012
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Something that Tomura Shigaraki from MHA or BNHA needs.
Person A: hey you know chapstick?
Person B: Yeah Shigaraki really needs some.
by Shamelessimp January 10, 2021
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When you cum in a girls belly button, let it ferment and the dip your finger in it and apply it on her lips.
I gave my girl some chapstick last night and she rocked me in the dome.
by Brendone January 24, 2012
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for balming up yo lipz
"okay okay; im so

so very very stoned

my CHapstiCK has Been LOST!!!!??

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A code word among high schoolers meaning "Marijuana".
Mostly used when talking about such in a class full of snitches and teachers and/or campus security.

Also, fun to see the looks on other people's faces around you when you ask a friend if they've got "Chapstick" or yell that you need some.
Person 1: "Dude... My lips are so dry, I haven't had any chapstick in weeks..."

Person 2: "Yeah? That sucks bro... I heard John's got some though. We should hit him up later for it."

Person 1: "Totally."
by Rachel Shmee October 24, 2011
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The god and center of the world, to members of the Church of the Living Chapstick (.com).
Person A: That person uses chapstick so fucking much
Person B: Ya, they are a member of the church of the living chapstick.
Person A: WTF?
by Dylan keenen November 8, 2005
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