Sweet and respectful girl. Laid back but brings the fun when she's with good friends. She can be goofy but has a serious side. Goal oriented and has a lot to offer in regards to her career and friendships.
Chantel knows how to have fun but is definitely about her business.
by georgiapeach308 December 23, 2016
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Chantel is shy, weird, funny, and abusive as heck but in that type flirty playful way. A great kisser and average at hugging. Creates her own words which is pretty cute. Usually has a deep voice which is flippen attractive also she is very athletic but usually considered herself a disappointment and can’t amount to anything due to some things she has going on at home...does not trust anyone so if she opens up to you just know that she must love you. Chantel also finds it difficult to make eye contact idk why she just does. So if you find yourself a Chantel she will try to push you away because most things that do get close to her ends up hurting her but just try to stay do the best u can.
Chantel secretly loves hugs just had to put that out there 💞
by Liam Autumn Simpson July 3, 2018
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Laid back and chill. Commonly miss-read and somewhat shy. Uniqely beautiful and sexy but unaware of it. Very out going around the right people. Extremely opinionated and awful with first impressions. Awesome with long-term relationships of any kind. Wicked sense of humor and always memorable.
"That was one ridonkulously wicked time!"
"Thats cuz Chantell was there!"

"Her way or the hi-way!"
"Yep, thats Chantell!"

by Rys Mum September 3, 2008
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A really fun person, definitely the main character. Loves to party and have a good time. Great sense of humor but kinda shy. Loves music. Independent. Once u meet one, you will keep her, believe me.. the best choice ever.
- “I had a great night, thank God Chantell came”
- “she’s so fun right??”
by d.143266ck September 5, 2021
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Chantel : Normally a very attractive woman, self respecting but knows how to have fun and let loose. Usually a laid back down to earth kick it with the guys type of attitude in a friend sense but is usually more attractive then she knows, men chase her everywhere she goes big ass big breasts sexy little body. Although very happy you don't want to get on their bad side because they can turn bitchy. Chantel's can usually be a tease without even realizing it but when it comes to sex her boyfriends are lucky guys she's hot in bed. hot sexy beautiful and cute combined, everyone wants Chantel. Always smiling and happy and knows how to cheer others up no other can compare to Chantels she will be loyal to her partner and always there for her friends, never let her go
Guy 1: Did you see that girl?

Guy 2: The one playing games with those guys? She's fucking hot!
Guy3: and she made me smile for days, her name is Chantel
Guy 4: That's so like Chantel
by trizzytreydre January 5, 2012
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a chill female.
laid back, yet on guard.
goes with the flow, but states her opinion.
innocent, but a behind the scences bad ass.
usually with green or blue eyes.
level headed but a complete dits.
people friendly, but likes to be alone.
1. "That Chantel is an Angel in disguise"
by QueenOfTheGreen April 25, 2008
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a person that is caring, willing to help people out, compassionate,
loves guys! specially the dark ones
believes in everything that comes to mind,
likes to make people laugh
funny and is all around a great person to be friends with

by aldfkjdla August 25, 2008
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