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A lovable person. She is known for her smarts, beauty, sex appeal, her stunning smile and guys fall for her all the time, she has a problem though she is very insecure about herself a lot . When people hurt her she tends to drift away. They are kind of weird and crazy but that's why people love chantalle's. Chantalle's are loyal and get pissed off easily. Chantalle's are pretty but their amazing personality makes them more attractive. Chantalle's love to party and be around people. Chantalle's have many friends. Chantalle's are secretive they never tell anyone who they have a crush on.
Brooke: Who is that girl in the red dress?

Helen: ooh that's Chantalle. You will like her, everybody does
by Lipsofwonderrr January 26, 2013
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chantalle is a very beautiful woman, she has a phat ass yes with a ph. Very caring and loving and loyal. Sometimes is a dory. You will definitely be happy you found a chantalle to be a life partner can’t ask for anyone better! ;)
The most amazing woman in the world is a Chantalle
by TC101515 December 07, 2018
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an adjective for hot bolixicans (someone who has a parent born from bolivia& the other from mexico)


the name of the hot bolixican herself
GUY: dude i was with jenny last night..
GUY #2: woah, isnt she chantalle?
GUY: yeah

Example 2
GUY: me & chantalle are having a house party tomorrow
GUY #2: she's the hot bolixican right?
GUY: yuppp
by chantalle baby :) June 16, 2009
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