a flip-flop, sandal or slipper.

If you're hispanic, you know all of the above are known chanklas and considered sloppy attire.

Gangsters are notorious for wearing them with white tube socks & shorts when having bbq's at the park.

Abuelitas are also known for slapping you with a chankla if you get out of hand.
Vas a salir con esas chanklas?

Te voy a pegar con me chankla si no te sientas!

Don't make me take my chanklas off! (spanglish)
by quinns April 14, 2010
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She slapped me with her Chankla
by VHASVHS November 21, 2018
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The most dangerous weapon known to all latin kind, may be wielded by crazy mexican mother, a lot of PTSD seen among mexicans comes from use of the Chankla
run it’s the chankla
by SEXYIESMANALIVE December 2, 2021
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If youre spanish you’ve definitely seen this in you moms hand ready to whoop you with it

And thats worddd
I will whoop you with the chankla
by Brehh ur ugly October 30, 2018
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Flip-flops, thongs, huaraches, or sandals; abbreviated form of chankletas (Spanish).
She opened the door wearing nothing but chanklas. It was nasty.
by 12zenreps July 23, 2008
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used to describe the appearance of someone who is extremely below average. To put it into measure: sexy, hawt, beautiful, pretty, cute, average, doable, ugly, 5 beers, blacked out, chankla. Another way to describe chankla would be to think of what vomit tastes like and translate that to a visual.
So I was at the bar with meh boys when this chankla bi0tch walked up, I was on my 15th beer and my boy sitting next to me was looking better than this chankla ho.
by Jason "Tawnys" C April 27, 2007
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Spanish slang term for dancing. Literally translated as "throw the slipper "
"vamos a tirar la chankla" (Let's go throw the slipper)
by longeye October 2, 2018
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