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Chanie A female Name pronounced Shay-nee
Chanie An old english word meaning oak tree; The name Chanie therfore means wise. there are also some Japaneese roots to the name, Chan'e'eh (Chanie) the translation then means a type of royal nature queen a fairy type gaurdian. in Ireland the Name chanie means: one whom is pure like water and a maiden of water. although the name is no longer popular amoung english communities it has however gained popularity in Afican countries, america, ireland and japan.
"Hello My name is Chanie"
by Chanie Holden December 28, 2008
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Typical corner woman. Enjoys bringing large amounts of lube to family reunions in hopes of subconciously suggesting the production of new relatives by her crusty grandparents and aunts. Enjoys men half black from the waist down as well as women with big booty. Usually caught in the ocean giving purple nurples to the sea urchans for her own personal desire. Speaks in tongues when giving chani's, such as doodoodoodoodoodoo's. Like's tickling ears of female classmates to further suggest mating.
you were only born because my grand daughter was such a chanie.
by Leahh winsatlife March 04, 2008
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