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A pot with handle for urination etc,kept under bed
Harry knew the chamberpot's secrets were number one and number two, but lately he's discovered number three.
by Webstepz January 03, 2007
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A sexual act in which you mix semen and breast milk in an anus then suck the contents out with a straw. The feces already in the anus mix with the semen and breast milk to make a rusty brown color, similar to an old chamber pot. Ideally this would be mixed inside a pregnant woman's rectum, she would also provide the breast milk. The chamber pot should not be confused with shrimp boat, even though the two are very similar.
Cindy wanted me to do a chamber pot last night so I gave it a try.

That bitch is so hot I'd do a chamber pot!
by A. Anderson August 03, 2008
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