A pot with handle for urination etc,kept under bed
Harry knew the chamberpot's secrets were number one and number two, but lately he's discovered number three.
by Webstepz January 3, 2007
Chamberpotting is the act of using self-made piss jugs as bio-chemical weapons. This word can relate to any piss-jug attack, but is most commonly used to describe a duel between chamberpotters, where piss-jugs are propelled at one another over long distance. These duels can end after first blood is drawn, or can persist to the death.
"Mans' I have a fookin black belt in chamberpotting, I'll fuck you right up"

"I'd like to see you bloody well try"
by BananaMustarder March 19, 2021
What they called the Poopsmith in the Castlefunnies because back then it was a form of treason to print the word poop in the paper. Mushy could only speak in word clouds full of commas, which were probably considered comedic gold back then.
I say, Mushy, do you have a pittance for me'self?
by SMD September 5, 2004