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Chalkleys' are creative. They are very good artists, can play the guitar, and make you laugh and feel great as soon as you see them and have them at your side. You can see their personality through their clothes. They dress awsomely crazy and colorful :) They the best gentlemen out there. The old chivalry kind that hold doors for you and call you beautiful and bring you flowers on anniversaries and just to make your day and keep you smiling :D They are understanding, happy, crazy, FUNNY, lovable, loving, awsome, peaceful, musical, and artistic, and so much more (good things of course). :) The only man out there that truely understands the way women feel and who dont want a woman for looks but for a personality as crazy as him :) Chalkleys' are the most amazsome person in the world!
In the pooring rain and wind and cold ...

Amanda: "Few! Its cold out here." (shivers)

Chalkley: "No wonder why. Your wearing a flimsy jacket."

(as he shrugs off his jacket)
"Here, I'll trade you."

Amanda: (looking at the jacket) "But you'll be cold."

Chalkley: (shrugging and pushing the jacket towards her) "Yah, but you wont be."
by Mandie J!NX April 01, 2010
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Silly pommy git who can't row for shit!!!
That guy is a hopeless rower - what a chalkley!!!
by Anon November 04, 2003
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