a large cup or goblet, typically used for drinking wine.
I like to drink my coffee from a chalice. It makes me feel important.
by kaosmoker September 30, 2018
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Jamaican term for a bong, used to smoke weed through a combination of boiling water and a tube.
That chalice is burn the kush good.
by amoney3 August 4, 2008
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The almighty, the saviour, the miracle, the ferry to us all
OMG that’s so chalice

Hey chal chal

Thank you great chalice
by Chalice January 9, 2021
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Term used as nickname of 'Coca-Cola'. Predominantley used by weed smokers.
Also known as 'chal'
"Man grab me a bottle of chalice,this weed is harsh as a motherfucker"
by Jimprick December 2, 2009
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Amongst stoners, Chalice describes a pint glass of water.

When you've got dry mouth, water takes on semi-religious properties, hence Chalice!
Dude - is that a Chalice you've got there?

Oh man, I'm loving this Chalice

Can you get us a chalice while you're in the kitchen?
by ms. homage August 30, 2007
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chalice is a state of mind, chalice is a spirit, chalice is whatever you want it to be
oh youre such a chalice

that’s so chalice

stop being so chalice
by chal chal December 19, 2020
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