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Jamaican term for a bong, used to smoke weed through a combination of boiling water and a tube.
That chalice is burn the kush good.
by amoney3 August 04, 2008
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1. A marijuana pipe
2. A mystic metaphor for the female vaginal cavity and/or uterus
1 - Fill up meh chalice an' run let's git wid Jah, yo?
2 - Fill the chalice with this elixir, and thus thou mayest then drinkest the water of life (describes ejaculation inside a vagina and then drinking it)
by Lazy Blaze March 26, 2003
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Term used as nickname of 'Coca-Cola'. Predominantley used by weed smokers.
Also known as 'chal'
"Man grab me a bottle of chalice,this weed is harsh as a motherfucker"
by Jimprick December 01, 2009
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French Canadian curse word, roughly equivalent to 'dammit!' or 'shit!'

Pronunciation: ka'-lehce

Follows tabernac. French Canadian swear words are modeled after the Roman Catholic Church, as opposed to other curse words that are modeled after sexual acts or bodily functions/parts.

Don't say this around a French Canadian priest or an older person.
"ce n'est pas assez? chalice!!!"
(it's not enough? SHIT!)
by Tengu December 19, 2007
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a) An ornate cup, or long-stemmed bowl, often used in religious ritual or referred to in fantasy writing.
b) (antiquated) A metaphor for the female urino-genital tract
c) One of, if not the best heavy metal bands to come out of Australia, and the only redeeming feature of the state of South Australia. Their sound could probably be best defined as melodic/progressive metal, and are well worth investing in if you enjoy good music.
a) The chalice was full of sacred wine
b) And then I stuck my 'wand' into her 'chalice', if you get my drift
c) Are you going to see the Chalice concert tomorrow night?
by Wyl November 24, 2006
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