We are not Arabs Stop Calling Us arabs. Chaldeans Speak Aramaic that is there original language we are the orginal inhabitiants of Iraq orginally called mesopotamia. We are a minority among Arabs. We are Roman Catholics. Arabs killed most of our people and forced many to convert we are not arabs!!! Some chaldeans may speak arabic only because they were raised around arabs and there culture. Just like when the white people came and took this land from the native americans. the same thing happened in the middle east we are the original inhabitiants of that land. There is good and bad in all people there good arabs and bad arabs good jews and bad jews good christians and bad christians. Stop being prejiduice and stop judging an entire race on a few people's actions everyone is different when you judge everyone on the actions of a few you are prejudice. Stop hating each other just live life in peace.
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by kevinjoseph August 24, 2007
Chaldeans are good, hard working people. I am not Chaldean, yet I can say from my own experiences that these people are truly good-natured and caring, and that they deserve more respect. From even before Christ until today, Chaldeans have been an important part of the history of our world as we know it. Assyrian, through my research i have found that Assyrians and Chaldeans are so close in ancenstry that they are sometimes called Chaldo-Assyrian. Aren't you, in effect, disparaging your own ethnicity and background by posting the definition above? Chaldeans deserve to be recognized for what they are: a kind hearted, hard working Christian people.
Chaldeans' status in American society today is a great example of their tremendous character as a people.
by A.J. Stevenson January 28, 2004
Assyrian by race and Chaldean by faith. Chaldeans (as they are often referred to) are Assyrians who belong to the Chaldean Catholic Church. Many Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) do not consider themselves Assyrian because of their close association with the Catholic church and not the Assyrian church of the East or any other Assyrian church. However, you will still find many Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) who know that they are Assyrian and will admit it. For some reason, many Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) claim to be Arabic (why the hell they would do that, i dont know), when in actuality they are Assyrians who speak a dialect that seems to have been mixed with both Aramaic (Assyrian) and Arabic. The Assyrian Democratic Movement (ZOWAA) has gone one step further in including the Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) name into the name of the Assyrians....Chaldo-Ashur. This is a highly debated issue among the Assyrian nation, as to why the Chaldean name (a religous name and not the name of an actual race) is intertwined with the national name of Assyrians (Ashurayeh). Oddly enough, the attempt by ZOWAA to unite the Assyrian nation has actually widened the gap between Assyrian non-catholics and Assyrian catholics (chaldeans); many chaldeans do not want to be considered as Assyrians and many Assyrians in turn do not want the Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) to be part of the nation if they so strongly despise their own blood........Wake up Assyrian catholics (chaldeans) of the world...United we can have our own country!!!
The Assyrians are descendants of the people of ancient Mesopotamia, succeeding the Sumero-Akkadian and the Babylonians as one continuous civilization. They are among the first nations who accepted Christianity. Most belong to one of these four churches; the Chaldean Uniate, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Syrian Catholic Church, and the Assyrian Church of the East. ** It is important to note that all of the above churches and their members are part of the Assyrian nation.
originally from iraq.
some are stuck up.
some are decent.
just like in every heritage
there is good and bad.
hard working people.
mostly rich as fuck.
Dem Chaldeans is rick as fuck man, they own the "D" shit.
by WeezyShady August 16, 2008
The proper name given by the Pope to describe the ethnic Assyrians who split from the Assyrian Church Of the East to the Roman Catholic Church known as the Great Schism. They speak a dialect of Chaldean Neo-Aramaic. For four centuries the Catholic Church tried to convert the Assyrians to Catholicism. It must be mentioned that the Assyrians of different religious denominations (Orthodoxy, Nestorian, Catholic, Maronite etc.), due to their lack of education, are not united as one nation but hate each other, thinking the others are foreigners!
The King of Assyria; Essarhadon, had 2 sons named Ashurbanipal (who had already been in control of Nineveh to the North) and Shamash-shum-ukin (The Predecessor of KALDU). After King Essarhadon's death, Babylonia was left to be governed by his son Shamash-shum-ukin and eventually revolted against his brother in 652 BC. In 626 Bc, Babylon had eventually threw off the Assyrian rule under King Nabopolassar's reign thus creating the Neo-Babylonian Empire (Chaldean Empire) with Babylon as the capital.
by iLLeZt June 11, 2007
Did you know that Chaldeans speak the oldest language (and the language of Jesus Christ) - Aramaic? Very intersting language. And very intersting people. They originate from Babylon (Iraq is in Babylon), they come from Iraq (they are not Arabs***). They are Catholic. Many live in Michigan. 113,000 Chaldeans in Metro Detroit. They live in the suburbs mostly, because, yes, they have money. How did they get money? Hard work*. They are a very dedicated, driven, hardworking group of people.

They are very family oriented. Being a good Chaldean family is important. (Most) Chaldeans marry Chaldeans and make Chaldean babies**. This is a very good ideal they have. Not that 'mixing' is wrong, but rarely can a person say, I am 100% _____!!! Chaldeans (most of them) can say I am 100% Chaldean!!! (((--From someone with personal experience, save yourself trouble, if you're not Chaldean, don't get involved with one unless you know that his/her family is Americanized, otherwise it will most likely end no good for you.--)))

They can be very kind and funny, or very ignorant, stubborn, strict (as any group can be). Their women have a job, and the men have a job (I think you can guess what those jobs are). Their food is fantastic! The men are SO GORGEOUS! The women are very beautiful!

God Bless!

Chaldeans - - - Are Awesome!

!!!!Go Chaldos!!!!
* A quote from a Chaldean man I worked for at his liquor store, "the key to success is not only working hard, but working smart."

**A quote from my Chaldean friend regarding dating/marrying, "if you're not Chaldean, you don't have a chance with a Chaldean."

***Don't call Chaldeans 'Arabs'. That's just disrespectful. And since I've told you that they are NOT Arabs, it would be very ignorant of you.
Chaldeans (Chaldean Catholics) are ethnic Assyrians who adhere to the Chaldean Catholic Church. The name Chaldean was applied to our church by Rome in the Schism of 1552. We are not Arabs. We have our own history, language, culture, traditions, cuisine, folk music, etc. We mostly come from Iraq’s towns/villages of Tel Keppe, Alqosh, Batnaya, Tesqopa, Karamlesh, Bartella, Baqopa, Bakhdida, Shaqlawa, Ankawa, Zakho, Nohadra, etc. We are indigenous to Assyria, which is modern day northern Iraq, northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey, and northwestern Iran. The majority of us today live in Michigan, California, and Australia.
My Chaldean friend comes from a town called Tel Keppe (Telkaif), located in the Nineveh Plains of Iraq.
by maliksuraye May 13, 2022