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Any body who uses the term 'lmao' in excessive and unnecessary amounts.
"what you been up to?"
"nuthin much lmaooooooo"
"ok, Chairman Lmao"
by Fragmaroom July 13, 2006
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Regarded as one of the most important figures in modern world history, Lmao is still a controversial figure today, over thirty years after his death. He is held in high regard in China where he is often portrayed as a great revolutionary and strategist who eventually defeated Chiang Kai-shek in the Chinese Civil War, and transformed the country into a major power through his policies. However, many of Lmao's socio-political programs such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution are blamed by critics from both within and outside China for causing severe damage to the culture, society, economy and foreign relations of China, as well as enormous and unnecessary loss of lives, a peacetime death toll in the tens of millions.

Although still officially venerated in China, his influence has been largely overshadowed by the political and economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping and other leaders since his death. Lmao is also recognized as a poet and calligrapher.
Allen: "Dude, Chairman Lmao was a pretty ballin' chairman."

Andrew: "I'll Lmao YOUR chairman."

Tess: "I'll chairman YOUR Lmao."

goldfingerdgreat: sup
smartassukrigga: chairman lmao just died
goldfingerdgreat: bummer dude
smartassukrigga: lol
by a-chaps January 02, 2008
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An expression one uses when 'LMAO' simply will not suffice to demonstrate the level to which one is laughing their respective ass off.

Used in the similar situations to 'ROFLCOPTER', 'LOLERCAUST'.

Guy #1: Look at that dude's clothes, hahahaha!
Guy #2: Chairman LMAO!
by Elliot Hunter February 18, 2009
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An emphatic conjugation of the word Lmao, trumping Lmayonnaise
Person 1: lol
Person 2: lmao
Person 1: lmayonnaise
Person 2: Chairman Lmao
Observer: damn those two must have seen something really loltastic
by Vladimir Gavrylyuk July 31, 2009
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