Being upset or irratated at someone or their actions.
She was chaffed that he would not clean up his bed
by Bomber12345 June 4, 2019
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Pertaining to the anti-radar decoy employed by the military whereby aircraft deploy cluster clouds of fine metal shavings in order to simulate decoy target objects.

Usually applied to mechanical drivetrain parts, but can be used in reference to anything which has been utterly destroyed to the point that it mostly consists of shattered or shredded fragments.
Frank that's the second one of those hubs that you've chaffed, you fucking animal.
by Voyd_naught February 12, 2019
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The slang term for stealing something.
Allison, I heard you chaffed that beaver toy?
No Tasha, I was just borrowing it.
by clubpenguinfun June 3, 2016
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Dude, you were supposed to call me when you got to the party last night. You fuckin chaffed me.
by L0GAN4 October 3, 2006
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When someone’s chat is that shit and they look like an absolute cunt
Person 1: Yo mate you see that girl there?
Person 2: yeah what about her?
Person 1: she is a chaffed cunt
by Poloyex June 4, 2019
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adj. Chafest
1. Chill as fuck
2. Characterized by being extremely chill, or excessively chill.
Dude playing the guitar with all my friends in the middle of this japanese garden is totally chaf!!!
by jujobaco October 15, 2013
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-Adjective (Chiefly Rio Grande Valley, TX)
1. Cheap, tawdry or of poor taste.
ORIGIN: Derived from Spanish 'chafa.'
Oh my God, that blouse is totally chaf.
by Cid Deuce March 7, 2003
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