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Pertaining to the anti-radar decoy employed by the military whereby aircraft deploy cluster clouds of fine metal shavings in order to simulate decoy target objects.

Usually applied to mechanical drivetrain parts, but can be used in reference to anything which has been utterly destroyed to the point that it mostly consists of shattered or shredded fragments.
Frank that's the second one of those hubs that you've chaffed, you fucking animal.
by Voyd_naught February 12, 2019

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The "d" in fadgot is silent and it is pronounced "fagot".

A person who partakes in trendy fads such as planking, ice bucket challenges, neck nominations etc. Fadgots seek attention and validation by jumping onto the flavour of the month bandwagon, usually involving filming themselves performing an unoriginal and idiotic activity and then posting the footage on social media.

Someone who is a fadgot is said to be so because they've "got fad".

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Person 1: "Did you see this new craze that everyones posting themselves doing on social? Look what this idiot is doing."
Person 2: "That guy is such a fucking fadgot! I wouldn't be surprised if he and all of the other fadgots die as a result of their braindead fadgotry."
by Voyd_naught December 10, 2019

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