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a Group of bad-ass motherfuckin guys, that don't take shit from no one. They usually hunt in pairs of 3. It is said that they posses powers beyond human understanding.
Them chachos are the shit!!!!1!
by Doodgy November 21, 2011
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Latin American expression, derived from "muchacho". English equivalent: dude.
Can be used as a mark of affection or to indicate a strong emotion.
by Loulmey November 16, 2007
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A small mustache below the mouth and above the bottom of the chin; another word for soul patch.
Shave that Chacho off; it's not a mustache or a beard!
by Dooba Doobason September 04, 2010
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Short for Muchacho in Spanish. Muchacho is slang for boy or guy.
Whattup chacho?
You're my chacho!
by Danny Boy May 01, 2003
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The wrinkled skin on your scrotum; nutsack; ballsack; nut holder.
When I rubbed my finger on my nutsack, I could feel my chacho.
by Das Tom August 23, 2009
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Below 5'5. Occasional stoner. Engaged in dick smoking activity regularly. One who secretly eats ass passionately but does not like to come off as that type. Lowkey trap god. Comes from broke boi Canada.
I was walking down the street finessing 12 as a fruity Chacho approached and asked to light up with me.
by Nigtoid October 09, 2017
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A hypocrite who can't spell
I was totally browsing these forums, and I came across a dude who couldn't spell for crap and was completely making no sense, always being a hypocrite. He was such a Chacho!
by ChachoJones June 27, 2011
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