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A very funny type of girl. Often outgoing, charismatic, sexy, great in bed, nice hair, always dresses like she's going to a fashion show, and can be seen in the center of the dance floor at parties. It should be mentioned she has ass for days and boobs for weeks. She is caring of those around her and loves to help people. Though a Cerise is very kind, she will be able to snap within moments notice if she is forced into that type of situation. Cerise hates confrontations but will defend her honor. Overall, a Cerise is a name given to a girl who exemplifies all of these things.
Boy 1: Damn!! You see that girl over that?

Boy 2: Hell yeah, she looks like a Cerise.
by wordnerd18 May 24, 2011
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A popular woman's name which attracted dozens of interesting complimentary submissions to the UD and dozens and dozens of derogatory insults to unsuspecting women and girls who share the name. UD editors have decided to stop further definitions for Cerise.
No more definitions for Cerise will be added to the Urban Dictionary because too many UD contributors decided to use the site to angrily insult women and girls with the name.
by dp September 24, 2003
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