hemeroids. Rhyming Slang for arse grapes Ceramic Tiles = Piles
Jesus , ive been sat on that cold floor all day and me ceramics are fucking killing me
by Wizards Sleave April 22, 2006
Hand-thrown Projectile, used mainly in games such as Jenga.
Bob and Andy were having fun throwing ceramic bricks at one another, laughing happily as blood spurted from their foreheads.
by Melancholykills August 11, 2009
Ceramic dome is very complex and expensive way to receive dome. Although the amount of work to achieve this feat may seem daunting, the reward is unmatched.
The first step is to find a Ceramic Wheel that is in good working condition. The Male then positions himself Back down onto the Ceramic wheel, with the Schlong perfectly Centered on the dead center of the wheel. The male then proceeds to spin around, with his rocket staying in the exact same place, due to exact centering. A woman Is then carefully lowered from above via an intricate series of pulleys and a Harness to keep her in place. She then proceeds to administer dome to the spinning male, while the Meat stick spins violently in the woman's mouth. Upon completion, you will become a well respected member of the community, and people will see you as the guy who successfully received ceramic dome.

Warning: Ceramic dome is for experts only, the act can be very dangerous and could result in personal injury if not executed properly.
Dude, they had to close down the Ceramics class room because some guy got Ceramic dome in there a few minutes ago.

Hey you see Mike over there, He got ceramic dome twice last year. Now he's a shoe-in to become the next mayor.

hey, Did you hear that Rich suffered a broken nose last week when trying to get ceramic dome? I guess he fell off the wheel, what a rookie.

by Domegetter4000 January 5, 2009
Being discriminatory against people from Stoke-on-Trent.
Marc: "look at that bunch of chip-eaters."

Paul: "dude, don't be anti-ceramic"
by Wildpig January 21, 2014
"Ceramics fragment" is a "crackpot," a nutty person.
The ceramics fragments have been calling the talk radio program all afternoon.
by Farfalla February 21, 2008
Getting so drunk you end up on the bathroom floor, which is typically made of ceramic tile
Damn Dolby got ceramic tiled last night. She was on the bathroom floor all morning.
by YungIncome February 21, 2014
Usually a tube sock that has been ejaculated into. The man juice hardens over time
Siddesh just sits in his room making ceramic socks all day
by FigBat Diggernick April 7, 2016