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A racist term for white people. Dealing with how whites are from Neanderthals.
by Casscia646 September 05, 2017
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Cave Monkey :Noun

A class of humans particularly whites who carry Neanderthal traits, incest is very common in this group. Lies, deceit , hatred for any ethic group better than them. So they weapon themselves with dry white humor, 911 speed dial, and internet Trolling. They are easy to detect they usually have Semen pasty skin or high skin tan like the color of Cheetos . Their friends are Coons, Toms and Bedwenches
I wanted to vote today but my Cave Monkey supervisor said not today Jamal.
by CyberAli May 28, 2018
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Somone who's just so hairy that they look like a monkey that's just been growing more hair and nothing else
Steven-yo Vinniewhere's my 5 bucks?

Vinnie-Ah shut up ya goddamn cave monkey!
by Vinnie5o January 09, 2012
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