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The act of pulling out during sexual intercourse (anal or vaginal) and ejaculating along the crack of the ass. Can be used alone or in combination with the Dirty Sanchez, the Tony Danza, the donkey punch, as a climax to the alligator fuckhouse, etc. depending on the level of frustration and/or kinkiness involved.
That bitch didn't want a creampie, so I caulked her wagon instead. Afterwards she floated in the bathtub. You would have thought she was on her way to Oregon. Caulk the wagon or ford it? I chose the former.
by Tyrone Biggums Brother January 26, 2009
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After coming on a girl's asscrack, the guy uses his penis to smear the semen along the entire length of the ass crack.
The fat girl's ass stank so bad, I had to Caulk The Wagon to get to sleep.
by MrODoyle January 23, 2009
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