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- Hey you want to come to the party tomorrow?
- oh fur sure! ill bring the booze!
(next day)
- aye were you at? the party started a long time ago.
- oh sorry bro i cant make it, i forgot to tell you
- dang you catted (medium tone)
by Gonzo fo sho December 19, 2009
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catted = incapacitated by having a sleeping cat on your lap .. it’s illegal to move them except in extreme circumstances like house fire or ya gotta pee real bad. others in the house are obligated to fetch drinks and other necessities in support of catted-ness . i don’t make the rules
honey can you grab me my phone i'm catted
by stinkysquid April 20, 2018
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Copied because copy cat so catted
Bob :Yo bro I just catted your work what you gonna do about it bruv
Tegz: come buck me then bruv you better watch out if I ever here you catted me again your gonna get licked
by Badboyharvbrupgangshit June 15, 2018
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