A male of primarily asian descent who gets so many girls it becomes a inherent trait of them they tend to be immune to most weapons and are considered "the bomb." Often times being the alpha male in a particular place or time, and often considered a bdp.
Man 1: Hey look its Caton...I wish I could be as popular...is he with that girl you were trying to ask out?
Man 2: Damm his good looks I'l get you one day!
by MisterBook January 3, 2012
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Mix Between Cat and Dragon found in another Universe
by PhantomPhoenix86 October 17, 2017
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person1:Hey look its a horse

person2:his name must be caton
by qtkittygaby February 23, 2023
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that girl had a catonic ass

that was catonically boring
by snorgy July 7, 2009
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1. A disgusting parasite with a penis like a mosquitoes proboscis that it injects into female victims veins to reproduce, by laying a microscopic egg into the blood stream the egg follows the blood to the uterus being fertilized by the blood on the way. Once the egg is in the womb it grows into a full sized baby Cato which then roams the world looking for more victims to impregnate.

2. A horrible insult to call a person.
"Your such a Catonator"
by dr ned August 24, 2012
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A young man, usually the twinkish type who enjoys having throbbing cocks shoved into his throat and rear.
Did you see that young twink yesterday he definitely looked like a Cam Caton type of guy.
by Iuyreqqqaaaaasss June 21, 2017
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