Although CC seems to win every single sports game they participate in, the students have their heads up their own asses and think all other schools are inferior.
"Dude our football team is playing Catholic Central tomorrow"
"Why don't you just quit now?"
by Laxxbro December 5, 2009
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Catholic Central, referred to as "CC" by most people in Michigan, is an all-boys parochial high school located in Novi, MI. The school originally was founded by the Basilian Fathers in Detroit and has moved several times, most recently from Redford to Novi.

CC is known to be one of the most academically challenging college prep schools in the Midwest, continually boasting several National Merit Scholars and high average test scores.

One of the most important aspects of student life is the athletic program at CC. The Shamrocks are known state-wide as a dominant athletic powerhouse in nearly every sport.

Students of CC typically come from relatively wealthy families, with a primarily white student body. Most students come from the suburbs of Novi, Northville, Livonia, Plymouth, and West Bloomfield. Because of their background, CC guys tend to be labeled as rich, spoiled, and arrogant. This label often can be true, but most of the swagger and arrogance held by CC students is rightfully deserved.

School pride is never lacking at CC.
Detroit Catholic Central - The best high school in Michigan
by greatdaytobeashamrock January 11, 2010
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#1 ranked school on tiktok for hottest boys in highschool. Most likely snapping your girl right now.

The fine men of CC will always be superior in brotherhood. The new GDK program has students from all grades grouped together to help eachother. The new program allows students to connect with one another.

Despite being referred as snobby rich kids, CC men are quite the opposite being Noble, Kind and Repectful.
Rice Kid, “ I am so happy to have been with my girl for a year”
CC Man, “ O yeah, I fucked her last week”

Detroit Catholic Central
by Facts for dummys September 6, 2019
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1.A high school that is in NOVI not DETROIT!!!

2.With a mascot that is a clover....that is BLUE not GREEN.

3.A school with a bunch of stuck up, rich assholes that think they're hot shit.
4. A school that gets to recruit athletes then denies it and gets to compete against public schools
EX: Hi, I'm from Detroit Catholic Central. I the most attractive person on the planet and I don't understand the vaule of a dollar. I love my all boys school and probably boys
by dccisreallyncc October 27, 2010
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a private school located in Troy New York. The student population is dropping in large mass numbers and their rapidly losing money. They will spend money on anything but a better paint job. The tuition is enough money to pay 2 years worth of your apartments rent and the people are as fake as my boob job. If you go and try to talk to someone you will immediately regret it and they will turn on your back ASAP! The school consists of 25% VSCO girls, 35% of people who think their the “shit”, 15% vapers and potheads that ruined our chance to have an upstairs bathroom, 5% mentally deranged students, 2% normal kids, and 18% of locals(people who join trends just to fit in)(like for example: Minecraft, VSCO, and Mariokart). There are some good parts about the school but they are VERY LIMITED. Overall the school is really shitty.
Person 1: What school do u go to?
Person 2: I go to catholic central high school, the trash can of troy.
by comradejefferson September 27, 2019
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The worst fucking place in the god damn mother fucking bitch titty world we got here. Its so fucking terrible no one ever wants to fucking be here. Its like fuckin 1000000000000000x worse than any other fuckin school. There are no fuckin cool people here, even though they think they're cool, but they're just fucking faggot ass mother fuckers. No one here knows what being cool means bruh, like holy shit they're fucking annoying ass retarded ass fuckin niggas over here G. Never fukcin pull up. And if you here already, practice your pull out game.
"Catholic Central High School" is fucking terrible.
by Big Puap September 5, 2019
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The best school in the state of Michigan. Everybody thinks that CC kids are cocky but when they see all the academic and athletic excellence, they tend to shut up. Nobody can talk smack straight to a CC guys face. Thats why they talk trash behind their backs.Only public school guys hate CC guys. The girls love them.
Public School Guy : CC is cocky
Detroit Catholic Central High School Kid: Look at the banners
Public School Guy : Sorry, i cant count that high
by CC Guy123 July 19, 2010
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