She's the most caring and loyal person you'll ever meet in your entire life, she is honestly a one of a kind. Don't ever lie to her or hurt her because when she gets emotionally attached to something, she'll start overthinking, and trust me you don't want that. She is beautiful, cute and clever. If you ever need someone to be there for you and listen to your problems, she got you, if you have a bad day or your feeling kinda gloomy, she got you. She never fails putting a smile on your face. She will always brighten up you day. If you ever came across a Cassandra, you need to cherish her and never let her go because trust me, she is fucking amazing.
boy: How is Cassandra so perfect?
girl: Cause she's one of a kind.
by HEHHHHHHWHOAMI March 13, 2019
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Cassandra is a natural brown haired person who is very beautiful, very kind, funny, has a beautiful smile, and a very cute laugh. Someone who is perfect In many ways, and she is extremely cute. She is someone that cares about you as much as you care about them. They can seem very shy at first but they open up little by little as you get to know them. They tend to be into art and music. If you meet a Cassandra you better not let them go, trust me. They are the best thing that will ever happen to you
(Boy) is that Cassandra? They are so quiet
(Girl) I know but they are so wonderful once you know them like I do
by FlOwerchIld2046 July 21, 2018
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Cassandra is known for always telling the truth. Also known as a Greek princess. Modern day Cassandra's physically are extremely attractive with long hair, great bodies, the best personalities and to top it off an amazing rack. Every Cassandra you meet is a blessing in your life, Don't ever take her for granted because you will regret it, she is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Cassandra's are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet but if you piss them off they WILL how do you say this.. JACK YOU UP. These girls are true to there word and as real as it gets. Nobody is perfect but Cassandra's are as close as it gets to perfection.
Boy 1: Did you see Cassandra walk by?
Boy 2: Of course how could I miss seeing such a beautiful girl.

Boy: Wow you're perfect...
Girl: Well I am a Cassandra.
by Someoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee May 30, 2013
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Cassandra is smarter than you think. She is witty and always has the perfect comeback, however she usually holds back since her roasts are too much to handle. She seems like a shy quiet girl but if you take the time to get to know her, her amazing and funny personality will shine through. She has a great sense of humor and is always smiling. She is really lazy but somehow has straight A’s and finesses her way through school. She isn’t afraid to have big goals in her life because she knows she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Most Cassandra’s are average height, have brown eyes and brownish-red hair. She is really skinny but not anorexic, SHE LOVES FOOD.
I hate how people think Cassandra is so innocent and quiet... if only they knew what a pain she is lmao.
by Sisisiskdoeksododke April 21, 2019
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The best person in the world (male or female). Their perfect in every way and ain't afraid to slap a bitch. When Cassandra enters the room, every one stops and stares. She a bad bitch who's fierce and isn't afraid to slay any bitch. Cassandra is the nicest person you will ever meet. After Beyonce, Cassandra is queen. A REAL CCOA BITCH.
Guy 1: Omf is that Cassandra??

Guy 2: she's so perfect

Guy 1: back up, she's mine!

Cassandra: back up bitches, queens coming through.
by CCOA September 26, 2015
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She tends to be geeky. While for the most part introverted, Cassandra is very blunt and doesn’t mind telling the truth even if it hurts. She not a leader, as she tends to prefer to be a right hand man. She doesn’t like getting close to people, but when she cares for someone, you know it’s a bond that will last a lifetime. She’s very talented, more often than not in the music category, but can also be althletic if she wants to. She’s intelligent and very down-to-earth and is always looking for serious and deep conversation.

She’s an incredible person and if you happen to have a Cassandra in your life, you should feel very lucky.
“Would Cassandra happen to known anything about Pikmin 3?” *Cassandra bursts through the ceiling
Hell yes I do”
by Phinelapie June 20, 2018
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A crazy, awesome, loud, lovable girl. Impossible not to be smiling when around her. She lights up the entire room with her smile.The bestest friend you will ever have.

She is always there to listen to you and give you a hug if you need one, she never tells secrets and is a very loyal friend.

This girl is capable of accomplishing many dreams and ambitions and she doesn't give a hoot about what anybody thinks about her.

Cassandra is a all around amazing friend, amazing person, so unique, and original.
Joe: Did you see Cassandra walk by?
Alex: no.
Joe: well, you missed a gorgeous girl.
by always&forever0502215421 January 12, 2012
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