1) A scheme by companies to make poorly made product just for the purpose of making money

2) Referring to an expensive but poorly made product
This excuse for a game is nothing more than a cash grab!
by AdmiralSupreme August 28, 2017
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When movie studios produce unnecessary and often poor quality sequels in order to obtain more money.
Cash grabs: Cars 2, Anaconda 2 & 3, Land Before Time
by Dat H Man July 28, 2011
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A property/IP designed by a studio to quickly fire out at machinegun paces, making money fast and quick if say; a company is in damage and needs a quick influx of cash.
"Man, Valve's new card game is a real cash-grab."
by spedosnym April 25, 2022
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Code name for anything by Tim Burton, My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy.
Kid # 1 I think 9 was the best movie ever and My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy are the greatest bands in existence!
Kid # 2 Oh man, those things are nothing more then emo kid cash grabs!
Kid # 1 No they're not! Tim Burton is a legendary genius and My Chem and FOB are sooo poetic and hawt!!
Kid # 2 God, you are such a tool!
by VacantExpression January 6, 2010
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Being ripped off at Cedar point amusement park while you’re just trying to ride rides and have fun. Their motto is, “you can do anything… for some money”.
That was a Cedar point cash grab I just want to ride rides, but be extra faster pass was a straight cedar point cash grab and you can do anything at Cedar point faster… for some money!
by TM2016 July 22, 2023
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