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A landscaping firm in Philadelphia that also caters as a press conference site for failing election campaigns. Conveniently located next to a crematorium and an adult book store. Not to be confused with the Four Seasons hotel in the same city.
Candidate: Man, I need a place to hold a press conference for my failing campaign.
Campaign staff: Why don't you try the Four Seasons hotel?
Candidate: Nah, they declined. I already said I was gonna hold a press conference there on Twitter.
Campaign staff: Why don't you try Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia?
Candidate: You mean that landscaping firm located next to a crematorium and an adult book store?
Campaign staff: Absolutely, it's the best metaphor for your campaign!
by AdmiralSupreme November 9, 2020
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1) A scheme by companies to make poorly made product just for the purpose of making money

2) Referring to an expensive but poorly made product
This excuse for a game is nothing more than a cash grab!
by AdmiralSupreme August 28, 2017
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What your seeing right now
Here in Urban Dictionary, anyone can change a word's definition from something normal to something totally inappropriate
by AdmiralSupreme November 11, 2017
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Person 1: Let me find the definition of this word.
Person 2: Use Urban Dictionary
Person 1: OK


Doctor: You'll be alright
Person 1: dbhhnjrvbesijokdjrbhenjdjr
by AdmiralSupreme May 3, 2018
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The day after Thanksgiving where you have a higher chance of being trampled to death in a store while trying to get a cheap tv
Person 1: Hey, are you going to (insert store here) for Black Friday shopping?
Person 2: Heck no, I'm shopping online. Don't want to be trampled to death by someone carrying a large, cheap tv.
by AdmiralSupreme November 21, 2017
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