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-Dude, my parents grounded me when they caught me watching carz last week.

-Stupid, you're suppose to lock the doors when you watch carz.
by ImACarzWatcher March 26, 2011
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carz is a dipshit who got ZERO banned from edge, everyone at edge hates him, everyone at ms hates him, he will never be a moderator ANYWHERE, and his mom is a whore.

he thinks he will be a moderator at mod shack, hahaha

and his dad is a whore too
I am one likes me, but i'll be a moderator anyways!
by llamapalooza489 August 09, 2004
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Carz is a little 10 year old kid who got carl, cyrix and darkon banned and made olin leave
''I think i should be a mod''
by Lynk August 10, 2004
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