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Noun: Any comical yet retarded one-liner used for the sole purpose of mocking David Caruso of CSI: Miami.

Carusoisms are generally initiated by stating the first line with an upwardly skewed pitch, pausing to place aviators over the Carusoist's eyes. Ultimately, after a minuscule pause, a witty completion that ties the beginning words is uttered. Afterwards, the Carusoist is forced to quickly depart the area to the tune of "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who.

Without debate, the most vital step is the playing of "Wont Get Fooled Again" at the line completion, which completely validates the Carusoism.
CSI: Miami always opens with a Carusoism.
Man: Maybe he took off.
Caruso: Or maybe... *Put aviators on*...He got taken for a ride.
*Swiftly exit the room.*

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An informational exchange during which one person takes him/herself much too seriously -- much like David Caruso's character "Horatio" on CSI:Miami. Caruso-isms are typically demonstrated by taking off one's sunglasses and pointing chin upwards while furrowing brow, inserting inane pauses and taking oneself too seriously when describing certain situations.
Example 1: David Caruso stumbles into a mafia-party-gone-bad and finds several women murdered. "I think....(pause)....I think... (sunglass lift, chin tilt, beams of sunlight hit his face) we have a murder on our hands." This Caruso-ism is typically followed-up with background burst of The Who's "We Won't Get Fooled Again".

Example 2: Annoying, overly-dramatic colleague stumbles over to the office vending machine only to find that the Mounds Bars have not been restocked. He/she commits a Caruso-ism by completely overreacting and thinking they are the only ones able to solve this mystery. "I think....I think....the Mounds have been accosted by some coconut-loving mafia lynchmen. Only I can find these villains and make the world a better place". (Followed by "We Won't Get Fooled Again" lead-in)
by panda foxfire March 29, 2009
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