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A brunette, brown-eyed girl, who is, in every possible way, perfect. She's hilarious, popular, and extremely kind. She can brighten up your day anytime.
I wish i was Carsyn!
by getting it right December 28, 2014
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a pretty blonde girl, with freckles and blue eyes. Doesn't see how pretty she really is. and loves to drink dr. pepper with her bestie. Has an odd boyfriend but loves him none the less. She's really amazing and cool. She is a little bit of a freak but still is herself. And that's all that matters.
You're such a carsyn!
by delaneyjkl November 28, 2009
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A tiny little girl who looks three years younger than she really is. Because of her extreme petite size everyone adores her. She is a big punch in a small package. Not many can harm her. She is the girl of steel.
Look at that Carsyn crushing the overweight bully!
by dmc23 February 03, 2010
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A very skinny guy, who is a big psycopath and wants to kill kittens and puppies.

He also like to collect cut iff baby hands

He is very misterious and may be part of the illuminati…

He has been captured and been put in area 51 many times… although he ascaped and now he is a runaway scary skinny convict butt looking person.
by Poopypantsonline May 31, 2015
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